DOOMSDAY CLOCK's Scheduling Issues 'Made It Very Difficult to Align' with DCU According to DiDIO

Doomsday Clock #12
Credit: DC
Credit: DC Comics

DC publisher Dan DiDio has acknowelged what most DC readers have already figured out - the scheduling delays of the recently-concluded Doomsday Clock had a major effect on the publisher's hopes to have interconnectivity with other DC titles. In a Q&A session on the DC's Facebook retailer forum, the writer/publisher was candid about the 12-issue event series - but also about how it will now affect DCU going forward.

"The schedule on Doomsday Clock made it very difficult to align a lot of product into it," DiDio wrote. "You'll see a reflection of Doomsday Clock on the timeline."

Doomsday Clock was originally announced to run from November 2017 through January 2019, but schedule changes and postponements began after #2's release, with the series' final issue - #12 - eventually released in December 2019, eleven months after the original plan.

Johns recently told Newsarama that DC pushed him and artist Gary Frank to launch the series five months earlier than they originally hoped.

"A lot of what's on the timeline has been driven by story beats that came out Doomsday Clock. It is truly affecting the line in that fashion," he continued. "It doesn't line up completely, but the sensibility, the purpose, the introduction of the JSA, the introduction of the Legion of Super-Heroes; those are key aspects of what the timeline is. Once you'll see it on paper, it'll all make sense."

Look for more on DC's timeline and future here at Newsarama.

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