UPDATE: Who's Attending AVENGERS ACADEMY - Day 5

AVENGERS ACADEMY Teachers & Students

Day 5 Mar 12:  For the final day, we have a two-fer of new female characters for the book.

Hazmat looks to be nuclear-powered, and apparently needs some outside assistance controlling herself, with a suit and helmet and the tagline "I'm a weapon of mass destruction." She looks Asian under the helmet, helping make this a remarkably diverse team.

Finesse carries two billy clubs and borrows from Annie Oakley with her tagline "I can do anything you can do ." With a tagline like that, best guess on powers would be something akin to Echo or Taskmaster, but there aren't any visual clues in her costume (or name) to give any other confirmation.

Day 4 Mar 11:  So, this is Fortress. We don't know much about Fortress, nor does he have any discernible connection to the Avengers. He looks a bit like a near-robotic Red Skull, and when he's around, Mr. T need not apply, as he doesn't "want your pity." With a name like Fortress, the tagline he carries, and the slightly "older" look (if robotic bodies/faces can look "older"), this could be the first instructor we've seen. The text accompanying this image includes "Enroll Today" for the first time, as well, lending a bit more evidence to that thought.

Day 3 Mar 10:  While the first two days showed brand-new characters, today we see a familiar face from Avengers The Initiative. Reptil, Humberto Lopez, joined the Fifty-State Initiative after receiving his dinosaur-like powers (he can pull physical characteristics and abilities from dinosaurs and other reptiles) from a mysterious medallion. He also has the distinction of having already been on television, in the animated show Super Hero Squad. He became a hero in order to find his lost explorer parents, a story beat sure to be followed up on here, as Christos Gage was the writer who revealed that.

Day 2 Mar 9: The first day of the Avengers Academy castlist revealed an all-new character. With day two, we have another new character, Striker. His costume and name certainly imply that his powers are lightning-based. Will he have some connection to former Avengers West Coast member, Living Lightning? That character, Miguel Santos has shown up recently, during the Skrull War and in a few other appearances. If they're going the "Young Avengers" route and tying each of these kids to other Avengers, this would be the most likely choice.

Update 1 Mar 9: Over on his Twitter account, writer Christos Gage took the guesswork out of things for us:

"Just to clear up some confusion, Veil from the Avengers Academy teaser is a brand new character."

So there you go, this Veil is brand new. Stop by again today around noon Eastern for the next teaser!

Original Story Mar 8: Last week, Tom Brevoort revealed to us that Avengers Academy is on the way. The book, written by Christos Gage with art by Mike McKone has been rumored for months, and now gets its own official week-long reveal.

First up is a bit of a surprise character, Veil. The first Veil showed up back in 1991 as a member of an Iraqi superteam called Desert Sword. With her chemically-based powers (hey, it was Desert Storm time, afterall), she could mask her movements in smoke. A Veil showed up during the Skrull war, but it was purposely ambiguous about whether or not this was the same character

This Veil has an unravelling costume that reveals her arms seem to be missing. Her tagline, "I know my powers will kill me, if I live that long" could indicate that the original Veil's chemicals are turning in upon her. Of course, with bright red hair and a quite light complexion, it's liklier that this is a new character with a familiar name. 

More Avengers Academy at this link throughout the week.

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