Fear the Walking Dead
Credit: AMC

While discussing the conclusion of Fear the Walking Dead season five, the overall zombie franchise's Chief Content Officer Scott Gimple has teased a time jump in the upcoming season six - but not quite enough of a leap for FtWD to do a full-on crossover with The Walking Dead and the upcoming spin-off The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which take place far in the future of the ongoing prequel series.

"We’re going to see a lot of time pass. There is a lot of time that can pass, yeah," Gimple told Entertainment Weekly about a time jump for FtWD. "That is something we’re playing around with for the future, and time is actually going to be played around with on this season of Fear the Walking Dead. Yeah, who knows? I would love to get to be like 'Crisis on Infinite Earths'. That would be super cool, but that’s way down the line."

Gimple is referring to CW's current DC-TV crossover, based on the classic comic book story Crisis on Infinite Earths, which brings together multiple CW series.

Fear the Walking Dead season six premieres later this year on AMC.

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