KIRKMAN & SAMNEE's FIRE POWER Kicking Off Early With Surprise OGN

Fire Power, Vol. 1: Prelude
Credit: Chris Samnee/Matthew Wilson/Rus Wooton (Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment)
Credit: Chris Samnee/Matthew Wilson/Rus Wooton (Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment)

Earlier this year, it was announced that writer Robert Kirkman was teaming with artist Chris Samnee on a new Image Comics/Skybound series titled Fire Power to debut this May - but they've now announced a surprise prelude to debut in April, ahead of the ongoing series.

Scheduled to debut April 29, Fire Power, Vol. 1: Prelude will set the stage for their ongoing series - containing the equivalent to over 7 issues worth of pages, according to Kirkman.

"Owen Johnson's story is just too epic! We need this prelude graphic novel to get you primed for the series launch with issue #1," Kirkman said in the announcement. "I'm so thrilled that we're going to be introducing the world to Fire Power in this format. Readers will be able to pick up this book, featuring nearly 8 issues worth of story and art for $9.99 on a Wednesday and then come back to the store on Saturday ready for the free issue #1 on Free Comic Book Day! That's almost too much Samnee and [Matthew Wilson] goodness to handle!”

In this series, a young man named Owen Johnson discovers he's adopted and begins the search for answers about his past. That search leads him on the trail of his birth parents - a path that takes him to a Shaolin Temple.

"The students there study to rediscover the Fire Power, the lost art of throwing fireballs," reads Skybound's description "A power they claim will be needed soon to save the world. Will Owen Johnson be the first person in a thousand years to wield the Fire Power?"

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