'Temporal Travesties' & Rats Overrun CENTRAL CITY in for FLASH GIANT #2

The Flash Giant #3
Credit: V Ken Marion/Sandu Florea (DC)
Credit: V Ken Marion/Sandu Florea (DC)

DC has disclosed the stories to be included in February 12's The Flash Giant #3.

In the lead story, writer Gail Simone and artist Clayton Henry return for a 16-page short titled "The Accelerated and the Infinitesimal."

"Temporal travesties and wreaking havoc on the streets of Central City, and the Flash needs an extra pair of hands to keep the city safe - he just didn't realize how tiny those hands would be!" reads DC's description.

Writer Josh Trujillo and artist Andie Tong follow that up with an 8-pager titled "The Pied Piper's Refreain [sic]".

"With Central City overrun by rodents, the Flash sets out to collar the obvious culprit-but is the Scarlet Speedster's assumption about the Pied Piper correct?"

The reprint stories in this issue are: "Gorilla Warfare Part Three: Flash Forward," from The Flash #15 (2013); "Erasure," from Green Arrow #2 (2016); and "The Past Is Another Country," from Blue Beetle #3 (2006).

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