Trippy Sci-Fi Fantasy with UP FROM THE SKIES

Up From The Skies
Credit: Erwin J. Arroza (Unlikely Heroes Studios)
Credit: Erwin J. Arroza (Unlikely Heroes Studios)

Press Release

Unlikely Heroes Studios has been making noise on the indie comics scene with titles like the superhero send-up Super! and The
Surgeon, their post-apocalyptic spaghetti Western. The recent addition of the Elsewhere anthology to their lineup is establishing them as a little firm that means business, and their new project shows they’re not afraid to take an artistic risk.

Up from the Skies is a surreal, magical story of a space prince who crash-lands on earth during the last ice ages and is rescued by a human hunter. Together, they survive hungry megafauna and develop a strange friendship despite the vastly different worlds they came from.

The story is by UHS veteran John Pence, author of The Surgeon and editor of Elsewhere, with art by the mighty Erwin J. Arroza, whose work on Grinidon is an indisputable force of nature. “I admit this wasn’t an easy script to draw,” Pence says.

Credit: Erwin J. Arroza (Unlikely Heroes Studios)
Credit: Erwin J. Arroza (Unlikely Heroes Studios)

"It relies a lot on body language, gesture, and facial expression -- not just among humans and aliens, but also with the animals in the savage world of the story. Erwin absolutely knocked it out of the park on every page.”

“Admittedly, this book doesn’t fit neatly in standard genres,” UHS publisher and editor Laurie Foster noted, “It’s a little sci fi, a little fantasy, and a whole lot tripped out. But as a publisher, we want to show the world what comics do better, cheaper, and faster than any other medium -- we let our creators’ imaginations run wild.”

“Wild” might be the key word for this one-shot comic that is somehow comfortable creating a very matter-of-fact world of magic, wonder, action, and sly jokes.

After only 24 hours on Kickstarter, Up from the Skies was chosen as one of the crowdfunding platform’s “Projects We Love.” The campaign will run until Feb. 5, and features collectible premiums sure to please fans of comic art.

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