Shazam! #13
Credit: DC

Colorist Michael Atiyeh has tweeted the cover of the yet-to-be-solicited Shazam! #13 by himself and Dale Eaglesham.

No story content for the issue was revealed, but Atiyeh's caption for his tweet - "He's back!" - refers to Superboy-Prime, who appears here, having defeated the Shazam! family.

Superboy-Prime was originally an alt-universe version of Clark Kent who went evil during the Geoff Johns-written Infinite Crisis. He was last seen imprisoned in the Source Wall after a battle with the Teen Titans.

Johns will apparently bring Superboy-Prime back to the fold in Shazam! #13, which remains to be solicited. The latest solicited issue is Shazam! #11, dated for February 26.

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