DAVID F. WALKER Imagines a Wild West Where CIVIL WAR Ended Differently in THE HATED

The Hated
Credit: Sean Damien Hill/Shaun Struble (Solid Comix)
Credit: Sean Damien Hill/Shaun Struble (Solid Comix)

Naomi co-writer David F. Walker is launching a a blaxplotation spaghetti western this year titled The Hated. Published through his Solid Comix imprint, The Hated will be drawn by Sean Damien Hill and colored by Shaun Struble.

"A western set in alternate history where the American Civil War ended very differently, The Hated is a project I've been developing for a very long time," Walker said. "It is a gritty homage to spaghetti westerns, blaxploitation films, and the unsung exploits of black gunslingers and outlaws."

The Hated is scheduled to debut this spring.

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