Gail Simone Leaving WONDER WOMAN, Reveals BoP #2 Cover

Gail Simone Leaving WONDER WOMAN

DC Announced late Friday that Gail Simone will in fact be leaving Wonder Woman shortly. While they didn't announce exactly which issue, Simone mentioned July's issue #600 as "a little treat that is a life-long dream of mine coming true."

Speculation on Simone's status on the book has run rampant since Birds of Prey was announced as returning this May. The return to that book brings Simone full-circle at DC, reteaming her with artist Ed Benes on the book that marked her big start with the publisher.

In addition to Birds (the cover to #2 is revealed to the right) and her current ongoing Secret Six, Simone also announced she'll be writing a Welcome to Tranquility mini-series for WildStorm, starting in July 2010.

Simone said of Wonder Woman that it "has been one of the most thrilling things in my career. There aren’t many jobs in comics as cool as writing dialogue for Hippolyta as she’s riding a flying horse and stabbing giant sea monsters. I had a blast and as always when I leave a book, I’m going to miss the cast terribly." She also thanked the large list of folks she's worked with on her run on the book. No replacement was announced yet.

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