Check Out MS. MARVEL's New, Living Costume ... Will Play 'Major Role' in the Marvel Universe

Magnificent Ms. Marvel #7, 8 and #9
Credit: Marvel Comics

Just don't call it a symbiote...

During a recently concluded story arc set in space, writer Saladin Ahmed's Ms. Marvel returned to Earth with a brand new nanotech costume of Kree origin designed by series artist Minkyu Jun. According to Marvel Comics, the costume "holds many secrets and seemingly has a life of its own as a mysterious entity known as Stormranger."

"In the months ahead, this strange being will not only play a major role in Ms. Marvel’s adventures, but in the Marvel Universe as a whole..." reads the publisher's announcement. 

Stormranger will be featured on the upcoming second printings of Magnificent Ms. Marvel #7, 8 and #9 with connecting variant covers by artist Luciano Vecchio, which you can check out below.

Credit: Marvel Comics
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