Marvel's 2020 EMPYRE Event is Revealed in INCOMING! #1

Incoming! #1
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel's oversized one-shot Incoming! #1 has finally hit, and its mysteries stand at least partially revealed.

While seeding most of Marvel's early 2020 line, the one-shot also spills the beans on what the publisher's big summer event Empyre is all about - confirming a prevailing theory about the story.

Spoilers ahead for Incoming! #1.

Credit: Marvel Comics

As promised, Incoming! #1 starts with a mystery - a strange murder where an unidentified man is killed in a room locked from the inside. As the Masked Rider investigates, he's interrupted by Daredevil and Elektra, who essentially chase Masked Rider off.

Calling in Jessica Jones' help, Daredevil quickly escalates the murder mystery up the superhero chain, setting off a sequence of clue-chasing events that ropes in nearly every corner of the Marvel Universe - from the Young Avengers, to the X-Men, to the Fantastic Four, Avengers, Dr. Strange, Venom, and beyond - seeding the stories that Marvel Comics will tell in the new year.

But the mystery's eventual solution sets off the biggets chain reaction of all, and directly sets up Marvel's 2020 event Empyre, revealing the premise of the previously clandestine story.

Credit: Marvel Comics

As it happens, the murder victim is actually Kree agent Bel-Dann - last seen during the Dark Phoenix Saga - whose presence on Earth is its own mystery, and is the catalyst for the reveal of Empyre

Bel-Dann was on Earth working alongside Skrull sleeper agent Raksor, with a common goal of making Earth ready for invasion by both the Kree and Skrull, working together as allies for the first time in eons. But before Raksor can reveal more, he dies suddenly when a huge tree bursts from his body. As with his counterpart Bel-Dann, his killer remains unidentified.

Credit: Marvel Comics

But out in space, the extent of the Kree/Skrull plan is revealed. On the far edges of Skrull territory, untold legions of Kree and Skrull assemble under one banner - the banner of Dorrek VIII, the so-called King of Space who is destined to unite the Kree and Skrull and conquer Earth, and whose time has finally arrived. 

There's just one hiccup - Dorrek VIII is also Teddy Altman/Hulkling, the former Young Avenger and scion of both the Kree and Skrull royal lines. And he seems like he's completely ready to invade and conquer Earth, perhaps even standing against his friends and allies, and maybe even his own romantic partner, Wiccan. 

The story continues in April 2020's Empyre #1.

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