PROFESSOR X Leads REED RICHARDS, TONY STARK & DR. DOOM in this Marvel Universe Category - SPOILERS

Page from 'X-Force #4'
Credit: Marvel Comics

This week’s X-Force #4 from writer Benjamin Percy and artists Joshua Cassara, Dean White, and Guru eFX puts Charles Xavier in a unique position of power in the Marvel Universe, and answers a longrunning “Dawn of X” era mystery about Wolverine.

Spoilers ahead for X-Force #4.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

While the X-Force team deals with the fallout of a robbery of some of Krakoa’s wealth, the backmatter in X-Force #4 directly addresses how much Xavier, the island’s figurehead is actually worth.

And while the exact figure is “incalculable” according to the write-up (Sebastian Shaw calls Xavier a “billionaire” a few pages later), the text states that “since mutant sovereignty was declared, [Xavier] is widely considered the wealthiest and most powerful man alive” thanks to a series of corporations he owns, and his own Xcoin digital currency.

Take that, Tony Stark.

Meanwhile, as they prepare to take on the human threat that’s been gunning for them, Wolverine, Domino, and Quentin Quire go to pick up some Krakoa tech from Forge – who reveals a secret fans have been asking about since Wolverine’s first on page resurrection in House of X #5: how Wolverine is resurrected with an Adamantium skeleton.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Turns out, Forge just has a huge bathtub full of liquid Adamantium ready to be infused into his clone body at any time – “Professor’s orders,” says Forge. Wolverine is so impressed he asks Forge to build him … something that’s not revealed … from the Adamantium.

And it’s a good thing Forge has all that on hand – another attack by human terrorists leaves Wolverine cut in half by a closing Krakoa gate by the issue's end, ready for another round of resurrection.

We’ll see how that shakes out in January 8’s X-Force #5.

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