Meet the Cast of KINDT & TORRES' BANG!

Dark Horse Comics February 2020 cover
Credit: Matt Kindt (Dark Horse Comics)

Matt Kindt and Wilfredo Torres are launching a new creator-owned series titled BANG! from Dark Horse this February, and the duo have now shared a first look at their lead characters - with Secret Agent Thomas Cord front-and-center.

Credit: Wilfredo Torres (Dark Horse Comics)

"At the center of the series is international man of mystery, Secret Agent Thomas Cord," said Torres in a description. "He is, they say, the best at what he does."

"Agent Cord is one complicated individual," added Kindt. "He might be the country’s top spy, but he’s also a misogynist and a sociopath. Oh and he’s possibly been brainwashed."

Credit: Wilfredo Torres (Dark Horse Comics)

Additional characters are Paige Turnier, Philip Verve, John Shaw, and Doctor Queen.

BANG! #1 (of 5) is scheduled to debut February 19.

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