Why WONDER WOMAN 1984 Ditched DIANA's Sword and Shield

Wonder Woman 1984 stills
Credit: Warner Bros.

Eagle-eyed fans watching the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer may have noticed that Diana of Themiscyra has ditched the sword and shield she carried in her first solo film (and has used in other films) - and according to star Gal Gadot, that change is intentional.

“Wonder Woman does not carry a weapon,” Gadot told CinemaBlend. “We had an intention to let go of the sword, because there’s something very aggressive with a sword. If you have a sword, it means you need to use it. So we wanted to give that up.

"And we didn’t feel that the shield was necessary either. She’s a goddess, she can fight, she’s super strong, and she has the skills. So no, she has the gauntlets. She has the lasso. She has her tiara and that’s about it.”

Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean she's never using those weapons again. From a timeline standpoint, she used several armaments throughout Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, both of which took place chronologically after Wonder Woman 1984 in the movie Diana's established timeline.

Wonder Woman 1984 does feature a different new weapon for Diana however - a version of the birdlike war armor she donned in the climax of Kingdom Come.

Wonder Woman 1984 is due out in theaters June 5, 2020.

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