Update: 10 Left! Get Beta Codes for BLUR Multiplayer Here!

Get Beta Codes for BLUR Multiplayer Here

UPDATE: I've got 10 left, due to some doubles in the comments section. We also have a good amount left on Twitter, so follow us there and let us know you want them if you're outside the last 10!

Activision and Bizarre Creations has a crazy new racing game on the way, a genre they haven't dove into full force like they have so many others. Blur looks to be an interesting combination of the Need for Speed style games with the powerups/pickups of cart racers. That means stylish, realistic graphics, with unpredictable, wacky races.

But why read about it when you can try it for yourself? Starting March 8, 2010 you can join in on the Blur Multiplayer Beta for Xbox 360, but you'll need a code to join in the fun. Luckily, we have a whole bunch of them right here for you.

The Multiplayer Beta will allow 20 players to race against each other in several game modes. The final game will have over 50 vehicles to choose from, and you can check some of them out in the Beta. The social networking built-in to the game, ranking system, and real-world track locations are all in the Beta for you to try, as well.

So how can you be a part of all this fun? Easy! All you have to do is post one time in this thread, saying what your favorite car is, and if you're one of the first 100 people, you get a Beta code. It's really that simple.

Once you have your Beta code, simply go to www.Blurthegame.com/beta and enter your code and your e-mail address. When the beta starts, you'll get an email with your Xbox 360 download code to jump in and start racing. AGAIN, the codes you receive here will need to be entered at the Blur site, then youll get your 360 code in email.

If you don't get one here, or don't want to signup for an account here, you can ALSO get a code by following @Newsarama on Twitter, and tweeting:

"Hey @Newsarama! I want to drive fast & shoot stuff! #BLURBETA"

The first 150 people to do that get a Beta code, too. See? We're making it nice and easy for you. So post below, or tweet at us, and get into the race on March 8th!

Limit 1 per user. Please make sure Private Messages are activated so we can PM you your Beta Code.

Blur Beta begins Mar 8, 2010 on Xbox 360. Blur arrives in-stores Spring 2010 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC

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