Fraction's Casanova, Last of Independents to Film

Casanova, Last of Independents to Film

According to the Entertainment Weekly website, Matt Fraction has inked a deal to see both Casanova and his AiT/PlanetLar graphic novel, The Last of the Independents into films. According to the report, Fraction has signed with produce Rick Alexander and manager-producer Jeff Krelitz for the two projects.

Reportedly, a “major A-list actor” is already mulling over the lead for the film version of Casanova, which Alexander sees as a "mega-budget, effects-intensive action spectacular," that will drive a franchise (with Casanova played by a different actor in each consecutive installment).

Alexander is hoping to see Casanova debut over the Fourth of July weekend, 2010, while Independents already has a screenwriter (Alec Litvak) and is eying an early 2009 start for filming.

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