Dark Nuns in VAMPIRELLA #6 Preview

"Vampirella #6" preview 2019

Check out a preview of this week's Vampirella #6.

Vampirella (Vol.5) #6
writer: Christopher Priest  |  artist:  Ergün Gündüz
covers: Stanley “Artgerm” Lau (A), Guillem March (B), Fay Dalton (C), Ergün Gündüz (D), Cosplay Cover (E)
FC  |  32 pages  |  Horror  |  $3.99  |   Teen+  
Seduction of The Innocent:
Vampirella’s love life becomes a major impediment to her mission as obsessed suitors both past and present attempt to manipulate her into furthering their goals. Meanwhile, the Blood Red Queen of Hearts teaches the newly-resurrected Mistress Nyx a painful lesson. Anything that can happen... does!

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