VALIANT Welcomes a New Family of Super Villains

Credit: Ryan Browne (Valiant Entertainment)
Credit: David Nakayama (Valiant Entertainment)

All the major superhero universes have a family of super-powered people, and now so does Valiant - but they're villains.

Debuting in the upcoming Quantum & Woody series, the Kammerjägers are a "happy, well-functioning nuclear family of well-trained super-villains" according to writer Christopher Hastings.

"The mom is the bruiser, able to manifest big heavy crystal energy hurts very much if she hits you with it," the writer continues. "Dad is a little sneakier, and can summon a psychic knife that causes the victim's blood to explode. The daughter can create energy shields similar to Quantum's (but she's better at it). And the little boy can teleport large amounts of matter into another dimension."

Designed by series artist Ryan Browne, the Kammerjägers are created to have "that sweet creepy vibe with a 'you kids ready for school?' look."

Quantum & Woody #1 is scheduled for release January 29.

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