Full First Issue: DEAD LEGENDS

"Dead Legends #1" full issue

A Wave Blue World has shared the full first issue of Dead Legends as the series' collected edition hits shelves this week.

Writer: James Maddox
Artist: Gavin Smith, Ryan Ferrier
COVER ART: Dan Panosian
“Don’t hold back. I’m righting some wrongs here.”
A widow seeking revenge. A mysterious woman in red. A tournament to the death. When combatants enter the centuries-old Dead Legends tournament, their lives become an adrenaline-heavy struggle for survival. But one fighter, Yan Nakamura, has entered with an agenda, and being named champion is the last thing on her mind. Yan kicks her way through an eclectic cast of the worlds’ best fighters, each with their own incredible story, until an unexpected allegiance changes Dead Legends forever.
Witness the best martial artists in the world at war in a story of brutal battles, hidden legacies, and the power of one fighting back against the way things were.
FORMAT: Trade Paperback
SRP: $16.99

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