Monsters concept art
Credit: Barry Windsor-Smith
Monsters ad
Monsters ad
Credit: Barry Windsor-Smith

Semi-retired writer/artist Barry Windsor-Smith is preparing to release his graphic novel Monsters in 2020. Windsor-Smith has shared this promotional image (at right) for the 2020 debut.

Monsters is a 250-plus page story about "two disparate American families fatefully connected by an abandoned Nazi project in genetic engineering that has been covertly revived by the U.S. government."

Credit: Barry Windsor-SMith

"This ground-breaking novel explores the disastrous effects of a Nazi program of genetic engineering, discovered at the close of World War II, upon two American families," reads a description of Monsters from Windsor-Smith. "Told through intimate, naturalistic dialog and drawings, this tale of the cascading legacy of profound evil blazes new trails in revealing the capacity of comics to be a powerful storytelling medium."

Monsters is the evolution of a 1980s Hulk pitch the writer/artist had with Marvel, repurposed and expanded into this original, creator-owned story. He has shared concept art for Monsters intermittently online since the late 1990s.

A publisher for Monsters has not been named.

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