DIAMOND Rolls Out Extra-Fortified Shipping Boxes for Retailer Orders

Diamond Comic Distributors
Credit: Diamond Comic Distributors

Press Release

Diamond Comic Distributors, the leading distributor of comics, graphic novels and pop-culture merchandise, is introducing a redesigned shipping box, set to launch in the fourth quarter of 2019. The redesign focuses on Diamond’s 200-count, 400-count, and 200/400-count combo box boxes for shipping comic books and other merchandise, with the goal to drastically reduce the amount of shipper-related damages through a stronger structural integrity of the box.

Credit: Diamond Comic Distributors

The new boxes will be in use starting with retailer shipments for December 18 release items. Retailers may see a mixed shipment of old and new boxes for a few weeks, as old inventory is depleted, with all shipments by late December using the new, stronger box structure.

Featuring a completely flat interior, with no flaps or tape on the bottom, the new box design allows comics to sit evenly inside the box, thus reducing the potential for bends and other damages to comic books. Furthermore, the new design boasts a considerable structural improvement over the existing box when compared in a burst test. A burst test is a pressure test used to determine the maximum weight at which a component will “burst” or fail. The new design’s point of failure came under much more weight than the existing box: the existing shipping box reaches its first point of failure at 737 pounds of pressure, whereas the new boxes reach its first point of failure at 3,200 pounds of pressure, representing a 335% structural improvement. The existing box reaches its second point of failure at 2,200 pounds of pressure, whereas the new design reaches its second point of failure at 3,500 pounds of pressure, representing a 56% structural improvement.

Credit: Diamond Comic Distributors

“Through the years, as I’ve grown through the company, I’ve listened, watched, and understood where the problem areas were. We’re excited about bringing a new, stronger box to our customers and, hopefully, better results in the type of condition product arrives to their stores in. I personally expect to see at least a 30% decrease in shipper caused damages,” said Shawn Hamrick, Chief Logistics Officer.

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