DC SUper Hero Girls Giants #2
Credit: Yancey Labat (DC)
Credit: Yancey Labat (DC)

DC has reveal the cnotents of January 29's DC Super Hero Girls Giant #2.

The 16-page lead story "Gone to the Dogs" by writer Amanda Deibert and artist Erich Owen follows a dog adoption fair set-up by Jessica Cruz, which draws the ire of Catwoman.

"Jessica hopes her dog adoption fair will help some adorable pups find loving homes, but Catwoman plans to help herself!," reads the solciit. "And when someone special catches Star Sapphire's eye, will her jealous rampage ruin the day...or be the key to saving it?"

And Zatanna deals with zits in a second new story, from writer Derek Fridolfs and artist Agnes Garbowska.

"Zatanna learns that magic isn't always the solution for everything-especially when that thing is bright red and in the middle of your forehead!," reads the solicit.

The 100-page anthology will also include reprints of "The Cyclops" from DC Super Hero Girls: Hits and Myths, "Summertime Madness" from DC Super Hero Girls: Summer Olympus, and "The Dino Egg Effect" from DC Super Hero Girls: Past Times at Super Hero High.

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