TV's CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Part 3 - A Team-Up of Heroes New & Old - SPOILERS

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Spoilers ahead for December 10’s episode of The Flash.

Arrowverse's "Crisis on Infinite Earths" continued with Tuesday’s The Flash. As the Anti-Monitor’s energy inches closer to Earth-1, the heroes embrace their destinies with surprise cameos and new characters helping them along the way.

The episode opens up with the destruction of Earth 203, the world of the short-lived WB television show Birds of Prey. Viewers witness the last moments of Ashley Scott’s Helena Kyle/Huntress as she vanishes while talking to an off-screen Oracle on her comms. 

Team Arrowverse continue to try and locate the three other Paragons, and garner help from the rest of Team Flash: Cisco Ramon, Killer Frost/Caitlyn Snow, and Elongated Man/Ralph Dibney.

As rundown in our recap of "Crisis on Infinite Earths" part 2, Monday's Batwoman episode:

- Kara Danvers/Supergirl is the Paragon of Hope.

- DC's Legends of Tomorrow’s Sara Lance/White Canary is the Paragon of Destiny.

- Kate Kane/Batwoman is the Paragon of Courage.

- Kingdom Come-esque Superman (played by Legends of Tomorrow’s Ray Palmer/The Atom’s and Superman Returns' Brandon Routh) is the Paragon of Truth.

So on Tuesday with The Flash, the heroes discover who the remaining three Paragons are. They are:

- Supergirl’s Martian Manhunter/ J'onn J'onzz is the Paragon of Honor.

-The Flash/Barry Allen is the Paragon of Love.

-Newcomer Ryan Choi (a.k.a. the second Atom in the comics), played by Osric Chau, is revealed to be the Paragon of Humanity.

The Search For Ryan Choi

Legend of Tomorrow’s Ray Palmer/The Atom, The Flash’s Iris West, and Ralph Dibney/Elongated Man go to Ivy Town to find Ryan Choi. Ryan immediately recognizes Ray Palmer and geeks out about meeting him. Using his newfound popularity, Ray and the team inform Ryan that he is needed to save the world, but Choi declines as he wants to spend the last remaining time he has with his wife and newborn child.

But the longer the heroes take to recruit Choi, the faster the multiverse is being destroyed.

Back on the Waverider, Supergirl's Lois reveals that only a few Earths remain. Using her interviewing skills (she's a journalist, remember?), she has The Monitor open up by telling her that he wishes he spent more time with his family before his Earth vanished. Kingdom Come Superman returns to the ship and Lois takes this time to ask a question that’s been on her mind - why is his crest black? Superman responds with, "Because Lois even in the darkest times hope cuts through. Hope is the light that lifts us out of darkness."

In Ivy Town, Iris finds Ryan in his office and convinces him to help the team by connected to him on a human level and showing that you don’t need super powers to save the world.

Supergirl Wants to Rewrite History

Supergirl continues to feel guilt over the end of her Earth. She wants to use The Book of Destiny to revert its affects but the Monitor warns her, "I cannot rewrite what has already been written. I can only save what remains." This causes Supergirl to storm off with Kate following her, revealing again that she possesses a piece of Kryptonite that she stole from Kevin Conroy’s Batman during Monday's Batwoman.

Kara ignores the Monitor’s warnings and goes to Lex Luthor to learn how to use The Book of Destiny, but Lex tells her and Batwoman of the dangers the book holds - it can drive you mad if not used correctly. Kate is able to talk Kara down from using the book with her words and not the Kryptonite that she stole. She tells Kara about the weapon and returns it to her care.

Credit: The CW

Kate tells her, “It was Bruce Wayne’s. He lost hope and I never will.”

Kara says, “Keep it, and have the courage that you’ll never need to use it.”

Both characters showcase their powers as the Paragons of Hope and Courage, and deepen their overall friendship.

The Death of Oliver Queen (Part 3)

Arrow's Diggle/Spartan enters the Waverider and meets up with Sara (a previous member of Team Arrow) to find out about Oliver’s state (a revived body with no soul)...  and to make matters worse, Sara delivers the news that Diggle's wife, Lyla Michaels (a.k.a. the Harbinger), has gone missing. The Monitor assumes that Lyla is with the Anti-Monitor - a fact that was revealed to viewers in Monday's Batwoman.

Mia Smoak (Oliver Queen’s daughter from the future) and Diggle join Legends of Tomorrow’s John Constantine, the magic user of the group, as they continue their journey to help find Oliver’s soul. They enter Earth-666 to find a surprise cameo appearance from Lucifer’s Tom Ellis. Constantine helped Lucifer’s friend Maze, and is now getting a return for the favor with a key (a card with the devil on it) to get them to Purgatory.

Oliver’s purgatory is Lian Yu - the island he was stuck on in the beginning of Arrow, and which not-so-coincientally means "Purgatory" in Mandarin. Constantine warns Diggle and Mia that Oliver will not have any memory of them and will need to help jog his memory if they are going to return his soul to his body. They find Oliver and trade some punches, but Diggle is able to get through to Oliver by reminding him that they are proverbial brothers. This causes Oliver to put his fists down and give Diggle and Mia a hug as he remembers his family.

Credit: The CW

Mia and Diggle are ready to bring Oliver home, but a familiar DC character, Jim Corrigan, a.k.a. the Spectre (played by Stephen Lobo), comes out from the shadows to prevent the gang’s happy ending.

"Oliver you are the only one who can light the spark," the Spectre stated. "Oliver, it’s your destiny."

If he does not follow the Spectre, then the multiverse will perish. So, he makes the choice to join the Spectre instead of his family as Mia and Diggle are transported off the island.

The Flash Vanishes In "Crisis"

The Monitor has a one-on-one chat with Cisco. He tells him that while he isn't one of the seven Paragons, he has an important role to play in "Crisis" and must become Vibe again to play this part. Cisco is put into his Vibe suit to push him towards his destiny.

Credit: The CW

Killer Frost and Vibe go on a solo mission and find Pariah. They are shocked to see Nash Wells (one of the many alternate reality Harrison Wells) in a new persona. Pariah informs his old teammates that he isn’t the Nash they knew, and that his memories as Wells have been lost. He is now being controlled by the Anti-Monitor and is forced to bear witness the destruction of worlds. There's a quick fix for that, as Vibe uses his powers and Nash remembers where the Anti-Monitor's lair is for them.

The Flash joins in with the duo, and the trio enter the Anti-Monitor’s lair to find the nexus machine between the world of matter and anti-matter. What's powering it? John Wesley Shipp/The Flash, from the 1990s The Flash show, running on a Cosmic Treadmill of sorts.

Vibe uses his powers to save the the 1990's Flash and take him off the treadmill. But there’s a twist - the Anti-Monitor built the treadmill with a failsafe. If the Flash is taken off then it would destroy all the remaining Earths at once.

Credit: The CW

Black Lightning/Jefferson Pierce makes a surprise appearance here, joining the trio thanks to some teleporting by Pariah. But as part of the journey, he learns that his Earth has been destroyed - and his family along with it.

But the assembled heroes figure out that Black Lightning is the key to destroying the machine, leading him to use his electricity powers ... but it doesn't work. He doesn't have enough power to accomplish the feat.

Looking for answers, Barry realizes that this is the destiny he's been running towards all his life - this is what prompts the "Crisis" newspaper headline which began The Flash show years ago. But before he can make his move, Shipp/Flash absconds with Barry's Speed Force powers and sacrifices himself to destroy the machine. 

A clip from the 1990s The Flash show is showns show, and Shipp's Flash gives  his final goodbye before he is engulfed by the forces of "Crisis." But in doing so, he saves The Flash's titular speedster and Earth-1 along with it.

What’s Next

The entire Arrowverse group reconvene back on the Waverider. The Flash thanks Black Lightning for helping sav the day back at Anti-Monitor's base. Barry attempts to console Jefferson about the loss of his family, but "nothing will be okay again" says Black Lightning. The Flash then opens up that the Flash who just sacrificed his life had the same face as his own father back on his Earth. That admission gives Black Lightning something to connect about, as he himself lost his father. After some thought, Jefferson Pierce decides to honor his family's memory by continuing on as a hero.

Credit: The CW

Barry then re-connects with his family - Iris, specifically - to reveal that he didn't vanish in "Crisis" as they thought (and as a vesion of herself wrote in that newspaper frontpage).

While in the midst of Black Lightning being introduced to the other assembled heroes, Lyla returns to the ship - and its quickly discovered she's under Anti-Monitor's control. The Harbinger quickly dismisses all the heroes, leaving the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor to battle it out with beams of light.

Credit: The CW

The winner? Anti-Monitor.

Earth 1 disappears - leaving only a remnant with the Waverider and those abord.

"The infinite Earths are gone, and only the anti-matter universe will remain," Anti-Monitor said.

The Waverider then is set with a countdown of 28 seconds before it disappears as well, but Pariah does some quick-thinking and sends the assembled Paragons to the Vanishing Point - a place outside of time and space, previously established in Legends of Tomorrow.

The episode concludes with a bright red light coming out of Kingdom Come Superman. It’s revealed that Lex Luthor has used The Book of Destiny to destroy Superman and join the Paragons in the Vanishing Point.  

Credit: The CW

So, what comes next? “Crisis on Infinite Earths” returns in a month with January 14's Arrow at 8 p.m. Eastern, then the event concludes immediately following that with DC's Legends of Tomorrow - both on the CW.

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