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Spoilers ahead for December 9’s episode of Batwoman.

Arrowverse's "Crisis on Infinite Earths" continued with Monday's Batwoman episode, as the heroes (and viewers) learned about seven 'Paragons' that will be the key in helping save the Multiverse. If you're just getting into "Crisis," read our recap of Sunday's kickoff here.

The episode opene up with Kara/Supergirl, Kate/Batwoman, and Sara/White Canary pouring a drink for Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, who died during the battle to save Supergirl’s Earth (as seen in Sunday's Supergirl episode). Sara says that he died the way he lived - a hero, but Kara still feels guilty over his death and the destruction of her own Earth.

Soon after, the team reconfigure their battleplan to save the other Earths. Lyla Michaels - now working as the Harbinger - needs a Waverider for their battle. She enters Earth-74 to find that the Legends team have retired, and Heat Wave has stayed on the ship to write his romance novel with Captain Cold (and a returning Wentworth Miller) operating as the Earth 74's Waverider host.

Lyla returns to the group as the Monitor - holding The Book of Destiny - begins explaining to the heroes that there are seven Paragons that will be needed to save the multiverse. Who are the Paragons?

- Kara is revealed to be the Paragon of hope.

- Sara is the Paragon of destiny.

- Although unspecified, the Paragon of truth is a Kryptonian who’s lost everything

- Also unidentified, the Paragon of courage is the Bat of the future.

Yeah, those that have kept up with the news announced in advance of "Crisis" might be able to guess who those last two are referring to, so stay with us.

With the mystery of who the third and fourth Paragons would be, the team begins the search to find them - and eventually the three other Paragons.

After the meeting, Kara comes face-to-face with Lex Luthor, who was presumed dead following Supergirl's season four battle. Kara questions the Monitor’s motives in bringing back someone as evil as Lex Luthor and not Oliver and the people of her Earth, but he says this is all part of his plan to save the Multiverse.

Along the way however, Lex does what Lex does and steals Monitor's Book of Destiny with a goal of destroying Supermen across the Multiverse once and for all.

The Paragon of Truth

Speaking of Superman, Clark and Lois are on the hunt to find that mystery Kryptonian who is the Paragon of truth. The duo first enter Earth-75, a world of people who have just witnessed the death of Superman – the image plays homage to “The Death of Superman” comic book event.

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While on this Earth, Clark receives a message that Lex - carrying the Book of Destiny - is on the hunt to destroy this Kryptonian Paragon of truth as well.

Supergirl's Clark and Lois are lead to a familar Smallville farm - and the welcome face of Smallville's Tom Welling, reprising his role as Clark Kent - the apparent Paragon of truth they're after.

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Tyler Hoechlin's Clark warns Welling's Clark of Lex's plans - just as Lex shows up. Supergirl's Clark and Lois are transported away by the villain, as Lex sets his sights on the Smallville Superman, pulling out his secret weapon: a piece of Kryptonite.

But guess what? It doesn't work.

Clark (Welling) reveals that he relinquished his powers to have a family with Lois (another homage to Superman II). Even without powers, Superman can still punch like a Kansas farmboy - as Lex finds out pretty quickly.

Lex exits stage left, and Welling is left along until Erica Durance - reprising her role as Smallville's Lois Lane - comes to him and ask what happened. Clark tries to explain what happened, but she brushes it off as a joke and beckons him to return with her to the house - and mentions them having daughters.

So apparently Welling's Superman isn't the Kryptonian who has lost everything, so the search for the Paragon of truth continues.

We then catch up with Supergirl's Lois and Clark - and with The Flash's Iris West joining in - to enter Earth-96's The Daily Planet offices. There they find Brandon Routh, reprising his role as Clark Kent from 2006's Superman Returns - albiet a little older, and a littler greyer.

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Arrowverse's Clark, Lois, and Iris explain Lex's plans to eliminate Supermen across the Multiverse - but as it turns out, Routh's Clark feels he doesn't have much left to live for - he's lost all his loved ones including his wife Lois Lane, his friend Jimmy Olsen, and his mentor/Editor-in-Chief Perry White.

Lex eventually comes to this Kingdom Come-esque Earth-96 and, using The Book of Destiny, is able to take control of Routh's Superman. What's the first thing on Lex's list? Send this Superman after Tyler Hoechlin's Superman.

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The two Superman brawn across this version of Metropolis, but the calming words of Elizabeth Tulloch's Lois Lane to Routh's Superman - who, as a reminder, has lost his Lois Lane - breaks Lex's trance.

The Death of Oliver Queen (Part 2)

Meanwhile, The Flash's Barry Allen and the Green Arrow-apparent Mia Smoak aren't taking the death of Arrow's Oliver Queen well - but they have a plan; all they need to do is find a working Lazarus Pit from a different Earth.

Sounds logical, right?

Sarah Lance warns the two of the consequences of such action, drawing from her own experiences surviving a Lazarus Pit resurrection. She warns the duo of the hardships involved for the person resurrected as well as those surrounding them. But...

...then she agrees to help them.

Sara recruits her de facto expert on all things supernatural, her DC's Legends of Tomorrow co-hort John Constantine, to find a Lazarus Pit somewhere out there in the Multiverse. She pulls him aside to ensure that can in fact return Oliver’s soul to his body, but Constantine doesn’t make any promises to her.  

Constantine makes quick work of it, leading his group to a Lazarus Pit on Earth-18 - guarded by none other than Jonah Hex (reprised by Johnathon Schaech), albiet sans his trademark facial scar.  Mia and Sara easily take him down, and along the way give him that scar he was missing. 

Constantine, Smoak, and Lance uses the Lazarus Pit to resurrect Oliver, but he comes back without a soul - as they feared. The Hellblazer uses his magic to search for his soul, but he comes up lacking.

The Paragon of Courage

Switching gears, Kara and Kate are on the hunt for the Paragon of courage, and enter Earth-99's Gotham only to be greeted by a buff-looking Luke Fox (played by Camrus Johnson) at the door. They enter the mansion a find an older/wounded Bruce Wayne (played by Batman: The Animated Series’ Kevin Conroy), walking down the stairs with the help of an Kingdom Come-esque exoskeleton - complete with a piece of Kryptonite (more on that later). It’s revealed that the Kate Kane of this world died five years ago.

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Bruce shows his jadedness when he as a one-on-one conversation with this alt-reality Kate. He doesn’t care about the multiverse. He believes if the multiverse is as bad as his world then it all deserves to be destroyed. This confuses Kate - how can this Bruce be the Paragon of courage the Monitor refered to?

Kara discoveres that Conroy's Bruce killed the Superman of this universe, which leads her to believe that they shouldn’t trust the Monitor if he thinks this Bruce is a Paragon.

Kate and Bruce end up in a fight, which ends with Kate pushing him and his exoskeleton into an machine which ends up electrocuting him - presumably fatally. His last words? "There is no hope."

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What's Next

The three groups reunite after their seperate missions, to go over what happened - and what's next (remember those other three Paragons?).

While the Paragon of truth was found in Routh's Superman, the Paragon of courage was confirmed that it wasn't Conroy's Bruce Wayne.

But it turns out Supergirl and Batwoman did find their Paragon - it's Kate. The Monitor explains that Kate's interaction with Bruce - and seeing how he had become - helped her "find her destiny" as their Paragon of courage.

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With that knowledge, Supergirl (as the Paragon of hope) and Batwoman (Paragon of courage) have a heart-to-heart about their perceived destiny, and Kara reveals her plans to attempt a swerve - using the Book of Destiny to bring back her universe, even despite the Monitor's warnings of dire consequences. More on that later, we assume.

As Supergirl goes off towards that goal, Batwoman reveals that she snatched that Kryptonite fragment from Conroy's exoskeleton.

For a real swerve, this Batwoman episode ends with the Anti-Monitor emerging to recruit Lyla for what comes next.

So what comes next? Check out Tuesday's episode of The Flash when it debuts at 8 p.m. Eastern on the CW.

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