Valiant's QUANTUM & WOODY Gains a Mentor

Valiant Entertainment February 2020 cover
Credit: Valiant Entertainment
Credit: Ryan Browne (Valiant Entertainment)

Writer Christopher Hastings and artist Ryan Browne are bringing in many new things to the new Quantum & Woody series debuting January 29. In addition to costume redesigns and a new villain, the disfunctional duo will also gain a new mentor figure - the Apprehension.

"The Apprehension was born out of my desire to give Quantum and Woody a mentor figure, someone who actually superheroes the right way," Hastings tells Newsarama. "The Apprehension also completely sees through Quantum and Woody's B.S., and helps them repair their relationship as brothers."

Browne's design for the Apprehension purposely hides who or what is inside the armor - something that could signal it's someone Valiant fans already know.

"I went with the full Metroidy robo-suit because we needed a design that would completely mask the secret identity and body type," said Browne. "Thought the glowy lights would be a fun visual when the Apprehension was blasting around the magic fog that they love to blast around all the time. Perhaps Robo-Fog Blaster' is a more accurate name and perhaps that's why Chris didn't let me name these characters."

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