JENKINS Developing WONDER WOMAN Spin-Off for the Amazons - Report

Wonder Woman 1984
Credit: Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman 1984 writer/director Patty Jenkins has revealed she is executive producing a spin-off focused on the Amazons, according to Cinepop.

“I'm working on an Amazon-focused movie," Jenkins said during an interview that took place during this weekend's Comic Con Experience (CCXP), according to the publication. "Of course I won't be able to direct and Gal shouldn't star, but we will show the story of these women."

A Sunday tweet from a Cinepop writer reads:

Translated from Portegeuse, it reads " Yes [Patty Jenkins] confirmed that WB is developing a movie focused on the Amazons! She will not direct, but will be an executive producer! No further details #WonderWoman 1984"

Themyscira and the Amazons were featured in this weekend's Wonder Woman 1984 trailer.

Wonder Woman 1984 is due out in theaters June 5, 2020.

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