NEW AVENGERS Teaser 5: "I Put Friends & Family First"

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Update 4, Mar 5:  THE THING is a New Avenger? Well, maybe that first Heroic Age teaser image wasn't an Avengers roster reveal, but the reveal of members of the multiple teams. In that image, The Thing appeared alongside now revealed Avengers and New Avengers Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, and Captain America, and speculated Secret Avenger Beast (or could that be Gorilla Man, they're in the initial teaser.)

The Thing, of course, is a member of the Fantastic Four. He has teamed up with just about everyone in the Marvel Universe since helping begin the Silver Age at Marvel in 1961. More than just a bruiser, The Thing is the utlimate "everyman." As unrelatable as being made of orange rock and being able to lift a truck over your head is, he still finds a way to relate to just about everyone. He also, it's been said, hosts a mean poker night. His inclusion on the Avengers follows the "someone-from-all-walks" mold that New Avengers has used since its first number 1, pulling in people from various teams and alliances throughout the Marvel Universe. It's not his first time on the Avengers, as he had an extremely brief run as a member of West Coast Avengers in the mid-eighties, but this looks to be his first long-term stint. His tagline, "I Put Friends and Family First" is a nice play on words to the Fantastic Four, frequently called the "first family" of Marvel.

Update 3, Mar 4:  JEWEL! We finally get a not-so-obvious member of the new team. Jewel is another long-time Brian Bendis favorite of course, as Jessica Jones, she starred in his critically-lauded Marvel MAX Series Alias. Since then, well, Jessica has been through the ringer. Married to Luke Cage and mother to his baby, she was front-and-center in the Skrull invasion. She only recently donned the old costume, helping rescue Clint Barton from a suicide mission, and made it clear that she intended to play with the big dogs once again. Now, Jewel, who "Strives to better herself" will fight alongside her husband and the man in the Marvel Universe she's known the longest (Spider-Man) in New Avengers in June.

Update 2, Mar 3: Noontime has hit and with it another New Avengers team member is revealed. Once again, it's someone who has appeared on the cover of Avengers #1, Mr. "I'm on every team" himself, Wolverine. "I do what's gotta be done" is Jim Howlett's grammatically-questionable tagline, a play on his frequently used "the best I am at what I do" line.

Wolverine joined the New Avengers the first time around to mixed fan reactions. With slightly reduced personal exposure, thanks largely to the use of his son Daken in his stead in a few books, perhaps this time around readers will fully accept him as an Avenger. Whether he (and Spider-Man) will be appearing here, in Avengers, or both, is yet to be revealed, and something Brian Bendis is being coy with across the internet.

Update 1, Mar 2:  The second character on the new roster for the New Avengers is another that is and isn't much of a surprise. Spider-Man who says "I take responsibility for my actions" has appeared both on the Avengers #1 cover, by Bendis and Romita, Jr., and is now here in the New Avengers cast.

These teams seem to be drafting from the same pool multiple times, as Cage is in Thunderbolts as well. Will all the New Avengers be folks on other teams? We'll see as we presumably continue to get new teasers throughout the week.

[And check out his new teaser from Marvel - the partially revealed cover to April's Siege: Fallen.]

Original Story, Mar 1: Last month in a two week-long series of teasers, Marvel Comics introduced readers to the "Heroic Age" AVENGERS team by Brian Bendis and John Romita Jr., as well as the new SECRET AVENGERS (below) by Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato, both debuting as new ongoing series in May 2010. Now get ready for the... New Avengers? That's right, Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen will be re-launching New Avengers with a fresh Number 1 in June.

The first character on this New Avengers team? Luke Cage. His accompanying quote says "I've Never Backed Down From  A Fight." Cage of course, was recently announced as the leader of the new Thunderbolts team in May, but will be here, too. More teasers will be out all week long revealing more members.

** [Newsarama note: Be sure to click on the Secret Avengers team teaser image below and compare it to the individual teaser images from February. Eagle-eyed readers might notice from differences between them, including new boot straps and a hip pouch for one character, an apparent blast field coming from the feet of another (and a 1st look at his right hand), and a different orientation for one character than originally presented that might provide some new perspective].


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