DC Adds a Little Color to BATMAN #86 First Look

Batman #86

Updated Dec. 6.: DC has now released a few color first look images from Batman #86

Original story published Dec. 5: DC has released a first look at next month's Batman #86 and one page from this month's three-page preview of James Tynion IV's run in Batman #85 by Guillem March, Tomeu Morey and Clayton Cowles.

Batman #86 features art by Tony Daniel and Danny Miki showing the new status quo for Batman, according to DC and, "well, whatever new tech Lucius Fox is building."

"It's a new day in Gotham City - and for Batman," reads DC's description. 

"With Bane vanquished and Alfred gone, Batman has to pick up the pieces and step up his game. But he’s not the only one with a new plan for Gotham: Deathstroke has returned, under a mysterious new contract that could change everything."

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