Is MARVEL Accepting Applications for a New SORCERER SUPREME?

'Applications Due' teaser
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has released a teaser seemingly tied to Doctor Strange, a crest with the Latin phrase "Electi Carent Electione" adorned with the Seal of the Vishanti.

Along with the Seal of the Vishanti - recognizable as the window on Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum - the seal has the shape and some of the decorative patterns of Strange's Cloak of Levitation. 

Whatever's being teased, be it a story or series will apparently arrive in March. The phrase "applications due" may hint at a position to be filled - such as Sorcerer Supreme, or perhaps new tenants for the Sanctum Sanctorum - the seal is reminsicent of a boarding school's crest.

As for the phrase, the Latin roughly translates to "Chosen Without Election".

Doctor Strange is about to enter a new phase as "Surgeon Supreme" in December 26's Dr. Strange #1, meanwhile Marvel's Realm of Champions mobile game will ascend Stephen Strange to Ancient One status.

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