First Two Members of X-CLASSIFIED Team Revealed

X Classified 12-3-19
Credit: Marvel Comics

Psylocke and Havok have been revealed as the first members of Marvel's upcoming "dysfunctional" X-Classified team, announced yesterday with an obscured roster.

Here's the tweet revealing the pair:

Psylocke currently headlines the "Dawn of X" launch title Fallen Angels, which will go on hiatus following January 29's #6

Marvel's caption for the tweet, referencing "Krakoa's troublemakers", could indicate that some of the other members of the team are former villains, with some of the silhouettes potentially lining up with X-Men villains Nanny and Orphanmaker, Mister Sinister, and possibly Feral or Thorn.

Marvel promises more reveals of the roster leading to the full reveal of the unidentified team every day this week at noon Eastern time, with the unnamed series to debut in March.

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