MARVEL Promotes STEVE WACKER to Head of Content, New Media

Stephen Wacker
Stephen Wacker
Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Long-time Marvel employee Stephen Wacker has been promoted to a new role as VP, Head of Content & New Media. Wacker is an executive producer on the Disney+ shows Marvel's 616 and Marvel's Hero's Project, and is a producer on all of Marvel Television's animated series.

Marvel hasn't specified the details of Wacker's new role with the company.

Wacker joined the comic industry in 2000 after years as a newspaper sports editor/writer. For six years he was an editor at DC, spearheading events such as 52. In 2006 he jumped to Marvel as a Senior Editor, with his first major project being the "Brand New Day" era of Amazing Spider-Man.

In 2013, Wacker segued to Marvel's Animation division (and moved from New York to California), first as VP of Animation, Development & Current Series and has grown over the years to become VP of Creative & Content Development.

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