HOWARD CRUSE Dies at Age 75

Howard Cruse
Howard Cruse
Credit: Howard Cruse
Credit: Howard Cruise (DC/Vertigo)

Cartoonist Howard Cruse has died at the age of 75 due to cancer, according to his daughter Kimberly Venter.

Cruse was best-known as the author of the 1995 OGN Stuck Rubber Baby - a story about a young gay man growing up in the American South during the 1960s. The book, published by DC's Paradox Press imprint, went on to win top awards in the Will Eisner Comic Industy Awards and the Harveys, and was nominated for both the America Library Association's Lesbian and Gay Book Award as well as the Lambda Literary Award.

His other work included the comic strip Wendel for The Advocate, strips for Juicy Mother, and acting as the founding editor of Gay Comix

Cruse is survived by his partner Eddie Sedarbaum and his daughter, Kimberly.

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