Research Proves DIE HARD is a Christmas Movie

Still from 'Die Hard'
Credit: 20th Century Fox

After years of debate, a study conducted by online media seller musicMagpie has concluded that Die Hard is factually a Christmas movie.

There. It's settled. 

musicMagpie narrowed down four holiday movie categories - "Christmas References," "Financial Performance," "Critical Acclaim" and "Holiday Buzz" - raking a variety of films in their performance in each of those criteria, with each broken down into subcategories ranging from "Shots of Santa," to "Number of Christmas Songs" to "Mentions of Christmas in Script."

Along these lines, mediaMagpie has "confirmed" Die Hard's Christmas movie status, ranking it an overall 11/20 in terms of overall holiday feeling - and naming it one of the 20 most popular Christmas movies, via social media metrics.

Here's their chart:

Credit: mediaMagpie

What say you, 'Rama Readers? Is Die Hard a Christmas movie, or just a holiday hanger-on?

But before the debate rages too hard Newsarama readers, remember, like the original Christmas story, Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol and It's a Wonderful Life, Die Hard is about a man's journey of redemption over Christmas Eve. 

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