Image's CROWDED Latest Title To Switch From Singles to OGNs

Crowded #11
Credit: Image Comics
Credit: Image Comics

Image Comics' Crowded ongoing will be seguing from single issues to OGN collections in 2020.

"Crowded is moving to trade-only for its final arc," artist/co-creator Ted Brandt told Newsarama. "It’s not necessarily what we’d have liked, but the economics of single issues are what they are. Unless you sell over a certain threshold it actually costs you money to do, so for us right now it’s better to go straight to trade and get no money from floppies than risk losing money on them."

Credit: Image Comics

January 22's Crowded #11 will be the penultimate issue of the series' single-issue run. Following the release of an as-yet-unsolicited #12 (and a collection of the second arc), Crowded Vol. 3 - which will include what would've been issues #13 to #18 - will wrap up the series.

In 2018, both Moonstruck and Motor Crush's creators announced that those titles would be switching from single issues to OGNs. Kurt Busiek similiarly announced plans for his long-running DC series Astro City to do the same.

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