HARLEEN Finale Postponed 3 Weeks

Harleen #3
Credit: Stjepan Sejic (DC/Black Label)
Credit: Stjepan Sejic (DC/Black Label)

Stjepan Sejic's Harleen #3 has been postponed three weeks, according to a DC notice sent out to retailers.

Originally solicited for release November 27, the finale is now set for release December 18.

Here is the updated solicitation:

Credit: Stjepan Sejic (DC/Black Label)

written by STJEPAN SEJIC
art and cover by STJEPAN SEJIC
variant cover by STJEPAN SEJIC
In which our doomed doctor makes a choice she can never take back—one that seals her dark fate and gives rise to one of the most legendary villains of all time!
ON SALE 12.18.19
$7.99 US |3 OF 3 |64PAGES
FC | APPROX. 8.5” x 10.875”

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