Inside Valiant's QUANTUM & WOODY Re-Design

Valiant Entertainment January 2020 cover
Credit: David Nakayama (Valiant Entertainment)

Valiant Entertainment has shared Quantum & Woody artist Ryan Browne's redesigns for the two stars ahead of their new series' January 29 debut.

Credit: Ryan Browne (Valiant Entertainment)

"I wanted to avoid New Coke-ing these Coca-Cola Classics," Browne tells Newsarama. "Color was important here, so Quantum got more muted navy and Woody flashed more yellow in the outfit. I also made his glasses actual glasses instead of Booster Gold futuristic sports goggles. He's a fashion dynamo!"

Browne is working with writer Christopher Hastings on this relaunch, and as he describes it they weren't trying to reinvent the wheel.

Credit: David Nakayama (Valiant Entertainment)

"I don't think either of us wanted to do much to reinvent the wheel here from the past few years, their core designs are so strong," Hastings added. "Quantum's outfit leans a little harder into a 'Batman variant action figure' look, with the pouches and the overly prepared former special ops thing."

"And with Woody, he's sometimes just wearing a vest without the blazer, and I liked that Ryan amped up the yellow elements of his costume more with the sneakers and the glasses."

Check back here next week as Newsarama reveals a new family of Valiant villains - think evil Incredibles.

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