James Tynion Reveals His BATMAN Plans in Detail

DC January 2020 solicitations
Credit: DC
Credit: DC

Incoming Batman writer James Tynion IV has shared some new details on his plans for the series once he takes it over in January - and job #1 for the Dark Knight is to 'fix' Gotham City. In the inaugural installment of the writer's newsletter The Empire of the Tiny Onion, the writer shared his first "big idea document" he wrote after DC officially hired him to write Batman.

"He has just faced tremendous failure in the last year of story," Tynion wrote, referring to the current "City of Bane" arc. "He lost his City, and lost his way… But now that he’s back, he has an almost manic intensity. He is going to fix things. He’s going to make it so nobody like Bane can ever do this to the city again."

Tynion will be keeping the romance between Bruce and Catwoman alive as well. In addition to being featured in the postponed Batman/Catwoman series, Selina (and her effect on Bruce) will be felt in the book.

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"With Selina on his arm, the 'Playboy' Bruce is dead," Tynion continues. "Every waking minute is dedicated to the rebuild of Gotham City, both as Bruce Wayne and as Batman. He is in control of every room he enters, and people are a little frightened of him. He is one of the richest people in the world, and he has experienced so much loss. But it’s clear he’s trying to make the city better. People admire him, because most people in his shoes would have left Gotham a long time ago."

The writer describes Batman going forward as an "action horror superhero comic book," where the villains will be frightening - as will Batman.

"The villains of Gotham fear him, and he is going to take that fear and wield it like a weapon to get his city back under control," writes Tynion. "Batman doesn’t just show up in broad daylight to scare his villains, he uses tricks and shadows, and voice modulation to make it seem like he can be anywhere and everywhere at once."

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"To the bad guys, Batman is like Michael Myers," Tynion writes, referring to the Halloween villain. "He keeps getting up when it shouldn’t be possible to get up anymore. How can you win against him? You’d have to be crazy to try."

According to Tynion, his Batman will be comprised of "three big stories," which will also have effects on other Bat-titles as well.

He also said that the rotating art team of his Batman will be Tony S. Daniel, Guillem March, and a third, as-yet-unnamed "core" artist.

Tynion's Batman run begins January 8 with #86.

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