Titans' Nightwing costume
Credit: Warner Bros. Televsion
Credit: Warner Bros. Televsion

Warner Bros. has unveiled the first image of actor Brenton Thwaites' Nightwing costume for its digital-first DC Universe streaming series Titans.

Thwaites began the series as Robin, of course, but is graduating to Dick Grayon's Nightwing persona for Titans' second season. 

The costume was shown to journalists who attended a "Super Suit Workshop Open House" press event on the Warner Bros. Studios' Burbank lot with Titans executive producer/showrunner Greg Walker and the costume design team, including lead designer Laura Jean Shannon.

Walker and Shannon revealed it took the design team a year and a half to create the costume, which along with the bird emblem they say references comic book Nightwing post-Flashpoint. The majority of the work put into the costume's molding and crafting was by hand in the old school way, rather than using machinery or 3D printers. 

Check out the official unveil of the costume here and click over to our gallery for more images from the Open House including 8 new images

Titans currently airs Fridays on DC Universe.

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