JOKER Director Dismisses Sequel Reports, But Re-Iterates His Interest In Doing One

Credit: Warner Bros.
Credit: Warner Bros.

Joker co-writer/director/producer Todd Phillips is flatly denying reports that he has a deal with Warner Bros. for a sequel and similar films for other DC characters, but is open to the idea - as he's stated for months.

"Well, a movie doesn’t make a billion dollars and they don’t talk about a sequel," Phillips told Indiewire. "[Joaquin Phoenix] and I have publicly said we’ve been talking about a sequel since week two of shooting because it’s a fun thing to talk about. But [The Hollywood Reporter] article was referring to other things than that that were just frankly untrue. I don’t know how it gets started, if it’s some assistant trying to gain street cred with a writer."

Phillips squarely said there was "no meeting that ever happened on October 7 where I marched in," contrary to THR's report. The writer/director/producer did re-confirm that when he pitched Joker to the studio it was part of a entire slate of DC films he wanted to do.

"When I pitched them Joker, it wasn’t a movie, it was, let’s do a whole label," Phillips said. "They shut that down quickly and I get it. Who am I to walk in and start a label at a film studio? But they said, let’s do this one."

Phillips' next announced film is a Hulk Hogan bio-pic starring Chris Hemsworth.

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