DAWN OF X's FALLEN ANGELS Skips February 2020 - But Has 'Plans to Continue'

Marvel Comics January 2020 solicitations
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Dawn of X's Fallen Angels is missing from Marvel's just-released February 2020 solicitations , signaling at least one skip month for the recently launched X-title.

Though Fallen Angels' actual status is unconfirmed, series writer Brian Edward Hill indicated on Twitter that he'd be "taking a break after the first arc," noting that he already had plans to return.

"Due to some film/TV things I have in motion (that's my main career and I have to grow it), I had to take a break after the first arc, but there are already plans to continue the story - in a very cool way...but I can't comment on that yet," Hill explained in a tweet.

Hill's TV work includes working on DC Universe's Titans, though he didn't specify which project or projects were taking priority - nor did Hill confirm whether Fallen Angels would continue into a second arc without him or go on hiatus.

The latest solicited issue of Fallen Angels is Jauary 29's #6. Marvel Comics did not respond to Newsarama's request for comment.

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