This Week's LOKI #5 Reveals Series Has been Canceled

Marvel Comics November 2019 covers
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Loki writer Daniel Kibblesmith has announced in this week's fifth issue that the series has been canceled by Marvel. In the issue's "Mischief Mail" letters page, Kibblesmith writes that while these first five issues were "the first arc of a proposed many," "we're now closing up shop on this nook of the House of Ideas."

Responding to another letter, Kibblesmith thanks the reader for buying the comic in single issues.

"Thank you for supporting the comic in single issues - and thank you to everyone who buys comics monthly, especially from local retailers, as that is the surest way to keep series from getting the ax," Kibblesmith wrote. "Unfortunately, our magicks were not strong enough this time around, so I wanted to leave the characters in a place I'd like to see them as a fan myself, together with an open road before them. 'To be continued,' as they say."

A collection of these five issues is due out January 8.

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