2020 Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards Now Open for Submissions

Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards
Credit: Pop Culture Classroom

Press Release

Pop Culture Classroom, the educational nonprofit behind Denver Pop Culture Con and Reno Pop Culture Con, announces they are accepting title submissions to the 2020 Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards.

The Excellence in Graphic Literature (EGL) Awards program was started in 2017 by the Denver-based non-profit Pop Culture Classroom to help define and grow needed awareness for quality graphic literature, drive growth for the graphic novel publishing industry, and grow legitimacy and respect for the medium and its creators. Each year, the EGL Awards program celebrates the best in fiction and non-fiction graphic literature and honors the creators, publishers, and educators using graphic literature to ignite a love of learning in classrooms worldwide.

Since its inaugural year, the EGL Awards program has worked with dozens of prestigious jurors from across the world, received hundreds of submitted titles, and recognized some of the most innovative, exciting, and educational graphic literature being published today!

The overall goals of the EGL Awards program are to:
- Help educators and librarians identify high quality graphic literature to bring into diverse educational settings, and
- Help publishers of graphic novels increase their sales and growth potential with libraries and schools.

In support of this two-fold vision, the program is designed to create or improve market awareness of new titles, extend the sales windows and increase momentum for existing titles, and amplify and confirm publishers’ content strategies and marketing decisions as they apply to librarians and educators.

Any and all book-length works of graphic literature published during the calendar year of 2019, regardless of publisher size, are eligible for the awards. Individuals, creative teams, editors, agents, and publishers are all welcome to submit their titles for consideration.

“For teachers, librarians, a growing number of readers, and folks who work with comics and graphic novels day in and day out, we know how much can be learned from this medium and that it’s a pathway to greater literacy. The Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards is designed to recognize that,” said Sam Fuqua, Executive Director at Pop Culture Classroom. “We see the EGL Awards as becoming the gold standard for comics and graphic novels within educational settings libraries.”

Award categories include the following:

- Children Books (grades pre-k-4 / 0 – 10 years old)
- Middle Grade Books (grades 5-8 / 10 – 14 years old)
- Young Adult Books (grades 9-12 / 14 – 18 years old)
- Adult Books (18+ years old)
- Book of the Year Award
- Mosaic Award

Each submitted title will be reviewed by a diverse group of expert graphic literature jurors. Each category will feature two winners, one in fiction and one in non-fiction. Every book submitted will be eligible for the Book of the Year and Mosaic Awards, regardless of category or fiction/non-fiction distinction. While the Book of the Year Award recognizes the best in all publishing in a calendar year, the Mosaic award celebrates stories about and from diverse communities, ethnicities, nationalities, faiths and orientations.

In addition to receiving the prestigious EGL Award, winning and nominated titles earn the honor of including a cover medallion on all prints. This medallion is intended to make it easier for families, teachers, librarians and all-aged readers to identify the highest quality titles, which in turn benefits the entire industry through increased sales and growth.

Winning and nominated titles for each category, including Book of the Year and Mosaic Awards, will be honored at a special EGL Awards Gala during Denver Pop Culture Con 2020 (July 3-5, 2020).

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