WATCHMEN Movie's NITE OWL Actor 'is Loving' HBO Sequel

Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl II
Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl II in 2009's WATCHMEN
Credit: Warner Bros.
Credit: HBO

Patrick Wilson portrayed Nite Owl in 2009's Watchmen film. And though he and his character are not part of HBO's current Watchmen TV sequel, Wilson is a fan of the show.

“I’m loving it; I’ve seen every episode,” Wilson told The Hollywood Reporter. “Of course, I was curious because I had such reverence and love not only for the graphic novel and film, but the experience of making the movie.”

Wilson elaborated, saying he's been particularly thrilled seeing Nite Owl's Owlship, and with actor Jean Smart's performance as Sally Jupiter.

“I saw Archie, my ship, as I call it. It was not drawn for me, but I take ownership,” Wilson explained, jokingly. “I just love watching Jean. Obviously, I did Fargo with Jean … I can’t wait to watch her and Regina [King] go toe-to-toe.”

Watchmen airs Sunday nights on HBO.

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