MOONSTONE June 2010 Solicitations

MOONSTONE June 2010 Solicitations

The PHANTOM: Ghost Who Walks #12

Story: Mike Bullock

Art: Silvestre Szilagyi

Colors: Bob Pedroza

Cover A by Art Thibert, Cover B: Fernando Peniche, Cover C: Roberto Castro

32pgs, color, $3.99

“Godfall” Part V (of V)

The Godfall arc concludes as the Phantom and the HIM face off for their final confrontation. With the lives of thousands hanging in the balance, can the Phantom fight his way through waves of child soldiers to take out their leader, or will he become another trophy in the legacy of Uganda’s most despicable warlord?

(covers = 50% Thibert, 35% Peniche, 15% Castro)

“The Phantom is worth the price of two comic books from DC or Marvel." – Silver Bullet Comic Books

”One of the most riveting comics being published today."- CitC


Story: Nancy Holder

Art: Shawn Van Briesen

Cover: Michael J. Williams

32pgs, 7 x 10, b/w, $3.50

GREAT jumping on point!

Bram Stoker Award winner and NY Times best-selling author Nancy Holder tells of bad love gone bad in the comic novella “D.O.A.”:  Steamy white hot passion, the business of violent crime, and a girl who should know better! Gorgeous greyscaled art by Shawm Van Briesen!

**Retailer Incentive: Buy 4 or more copies get one copy free!**


(W) Steven L. Frank

(A) Benjamin Glendenning

(C) Jason Worthington, Justin Ridge

32pgs, color, $3.99

(Ridge = 50%, Hickman =20%, Worthington = 20%, Black = 10%)

**Retailer Incentive: Buy 4 or more copies get one copy free!**

Morbid or funny, and sometimes morbidly funny, top talent bring eclectic tales of Zombies vs Cheerleaders. Based on the hit trading card series from 5FINITY Productions, read the exciting stories of the two things everyone loves: zombies and cheerleaders! Writer Steven L. Frank teams with artists Benjamin Glendenning, Jessica Hickman, Frankie B Washington, and David Namisato in this rip roaring first issue! Variant covers by Jason Worthington, Justin Ridge, & Jessica Hickman. The back cover is sketch friendly!

Vampire, PA #1 (of 3)

Story: J.C. Vaughn

Art: Brendon Fraim, Brian Fraim

Covers: Mark Wheatley, Jacob Jordan

32pgs, color, $3.99

From the writer of Zombie-Proof comes this trip to Western Pennsylvania’s oddly vampire-rich environment!

Vampires in suburbia? Dean Marklin didn’t think so. In fact, he didn’t believe in vampires at all. Then he met one. Then he met lots more, and they all wanted to kill him! Now he’s a vampire hunter, and he’s pursued by a beautiful vampire while he tries to hold onto what’s left of normal life. How do you think that’s working out for him? (Wheatley cover = 75%, Jordan cover = 25%)

**Retailer Incentive: Buy4 or more copies get one free!**

The Phantom-Captain Action LTD Hc

Story: Mike Bullock, Art: Reno Maniquis

Colors: Bob Pedroza, Cover: Mark Sparacio

60pgs, 7” x 10”, color, HC, $25.99


Reprints the two issue mini-series, plus a never-before–seen Phantom story, and the Capt Action short story from Phantom Double Shot Noir!

Together again for the first time!

For the first time, the two timeless titans collide in the first concussive crossover ever created!     

When an international intelligence cartel makes a surgical strike for global control, UN committee member Diana Palmer-Walker and her legendary husband are all that stands in their way, but when the Ghost Who Walks goes missing, the only one Diana can turn to is none other than - Captain Action!  Don’t miss history in the making!

The PHANTOM: Guardian of the Eastern Dark TPB

story: Mike Bullock

art: Silvestre Szilagyi, Fernando Peniche

cover: Michael Stribling

296pgs, color, 7” x 10”, $24.95

ISBN:  10: 1933076-1-x   13: 1-978-1933076-81-2

This collection reprints the entire 12 issue run of “The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks”!

Justice served in today’s Africa by the one man who has been safeguarding its shores for over 400 years!

The PHANTOM: KGB NOIR: The Hammer  tpb

Story: Mike Bullock

Art: Fernando Peniche

Cover: E.M. Geist

72pgs, b/w, 7” x 10”, $8.95

ISBN: 10: 1-933076-80-1      13: 978-1933076-80-5

Collects the very cool noir 6 issue mini series!

When a cabal of ex-KGB agents plan a WMD buy, it’s up to The Phantom to keep them from obtaining the device. But when our hero engages the Russians, he soon discovers The Hammer is falling and the United States is the nail.

BONUS FEATURE: Includes liner notes by the author!

The PHANTOM: Old Jungle Sayings TPB

Stories: Elizabeth Massie, Mike Bullock, Martin Powell

Art: Hannibal King, Paul Daley, etc.

Cover: Oscar Celestini

216pgs, color, 7” x 10”, $20.95

ISBN: 10: 1-933076-82-8     13: 978-1933076-82-9

This collection reprints The 2 issue Phantom Unmasked, the two Phantom annuals, Phantom #0, Phantom short from Capt Action, Phantom short from the Xmas Special, and the Julie Walker special!


Story: Tom DeFalco, Ben Raab, etc.

Art: Pat Quinn, Gordon Purcell, etc.

Cover: Eugenio Mattozzi

376pgs, b/w, 7” x 10”, $19.99

Includes two bonus never-before-published stories by Tony Isabella and Mike Bullock!

A monster-tome collection of the one shot comic novellas, with each story

(by a different creative team) telling a tale of one of the 21 Phantoms!

Creators like Ben Raab, Pat Quinn, Tom DeFalco, Don Hudson, Mel Odom, Michael Stribling, Will Murray, Enrique Alcatena, Joe Bucco, Danny Fingeroth, Mike Baron, Alex Saviuk, Gordon Purcell, Greg Cox, Steven Grant, Justin Gray, and more!

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