A Misfit Unicorn Fights Back in THE UNICORN & THE FOX #3 Preview

"The Unicorn and the Fox #3" preview

The third issue of Nicholas Bain and Nick Acuna Acosta's The Unicorn and the Fox is complete, with the duo telling Newsarama it'll be available by Christmas. But what is The Unicorn and the Fox?

"The Unicorn and the Fox is a graphic novel series suitable for all ages," Bain tells Newsarama. "It tells the story of a misfit unicorn on a peaceful planet called Glow, where a darkness has taken over the five surrounding planets. Soon, the void approaches Glow and introduces itself as 'The Chancellor', who inhales light and exhales darkness. He also claims to offer freedom and is open to negotiation. However, things soon go awry and Buddy manages to escape and is instructed to find a reclusive fox."

Inspired by fairy tales and 1980s fantasy movies, The Unicorn and the Fox's first two issues are out now - with the finale, #3, due out by December 25. Here is a preview of that final issue.

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