A New LGBTQ+ Superteam Emerges with THE ACCORDS

The Accords
Credit: Alex Garcia
Credit: Alex Garcia

Press Release

The Accords. It's an LGBT/Ally comic book series based in present day America. It features a 7-character line up of individuals running the full gamut of sexual orientation and gender identity. It tackles political and metaphysical themes while maintaining humor and strong characters.

Written by psychologist Dr. Tony Ortega and art by the amazing Alex Garcia.

Credit: Alex Garcia

An evil force has taken hold in the United States. Violence is ravaging the country. Civil Liberties are being threatened. Never has the nation been so divided. However, with this division must come unity. A greater good emerges to balance the emergence of evil. Who are The Accords?

Now available on ComiXology (digital) and Indy Planet (digital and on demand print). 

For more information, contact drorteganyc@gmail.com.
Facebook and Instagram: theaccordscomic

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