A Murdered Ruler Comes Back for Revenge in A KING'S VENGEANCE

A King's Vengeance
Credit: Peter Ricq

Once Our Land cartoonist Peter Ricq is back with a new 94-page fantasy graphic novel titled A King's Vengeance. The book, now taking pre-orders on Kickstarter, is described by Ricq as "revenge story inspired by Conan The Barbarian, Robocop, Game of Thrones, and Hellboy."

"A King's Vengeance is a story which takes place in an imaginative world like never seen before," explains Ricq. "We follow King Olric, a man who seeks out revenge after being brouht back to life... 23 years later."

$10 Canadian will get you a pdf of A King's Vengeance, while $20 will get you the hardcover OGN.

Ricq wrote and drew this OGN, with Davila LeBlanc co-writing.

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