The Flash Giant #2
Credit: Cully Hamner (DC)
Credit: Cully Hamner (DC)

DC has revealed the contents and cover for December 11's The Flash Giant #2.

The 100-page anthology will include two new stories - the first of which "Run Like There's No Tomorrow," is a 16-page story written by Gail Simone with art by Clayton Henry.

"A time-traveling soldier arrives in Central City, and her mission is to kill the Fastest Man Alive!" reads DC's description. "But what is it that the Flash did (or will do) to destroy her world-and is there a way he can prevent it without dying?"

The second story is an 8-pager called "Rational Thought" by writer Jeff Parker and artist Ramon Villalobos.

"Barry Allen's world is turned upside down when he learns that everything he knows is wrong-the Earth is flat, animals can talk, and the moon landings were a hoax!" reads DC's description. "Can the Scarlet Speedster prove that science is still true-or have the conspiracy theorists been right all along?"

The anthology will also include reprints of The Flash #14's "Gorilla Warfare part two," Green Arrow #1's "The End," and Blue Beetle #2's "Can't Go Home Again."

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