IDW's BIG HERO 6: THE SERIES #1 Coming Out Next Week After 15-Month Wait

Big Hero 6: The Series #1
Credit: Gurihiru (IDW Publishing)
Credit: Nicoletta Baldari (IDW Publishing)

IDW Publishing's Big Hero 6: The Series #1 is finally set to come out November 13 - after a 15-month delay.

"Out next week! Big Hero 6: The Series #1!" tweeted IDW associate editor Elizabeth Brei. "It's got jokes and fun, and Nicoletta Baldari killed it on art!"

When lauded over the book coming out "finally," Brei responded "You and me both!"

Originally announed in early 2018 to debut in July 2018 coinciding with the Disney Channel animated series, the comic book series was re-scheduled on several occassions, and even canceled and re-solicited.

Here is the solicitation for this first issue:

Credit: Gurihiru (IDW Publishing)

(Writer) Hannah Blumenreich (Artist, Variant) Nicoletta Baldari (Cover) Gurihiru
Based on the hit Disney Channel series! Hiro, Honey Lemon, Wasabi and Go Go are all off on a class trip for the day-leaving Fred at home to defend San Fransokyo! He'd better come up with a strategy, just in case-and what better way to do that than by writing his very own Big Hero 6 comic book!
Join Hiro, Wasabi, Fred, Go Go, Honey Lemon and Baymax for new adventures, new friends, and new adversaries as the Big Hero 6 team continues to fight to protect San Fransokyo!

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