X-Force #1
Credit: Marvel Comics

This week’s X-Force #1 from writer Benjamin Percy and artists Joshua Cassara and Dean White ramps up humanity’s resistance to Krakoan sovereignty, setting the stage for a new iteration of the mutant black-ops team.

But the tragedy that sparks the chain of events here could change not just X-Force, but all mutants. Read on to find out how.

Spoilers ahead for X-Force #1.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

X-Force #1 opens with Domino attempting to infiltrate a cabal of anti-mutant terrorists only to be captured – her fate left to be seen elsewhere.

Back on Krakoa, Black Tom Cassidy (the island’s head of security, who uses his plant-based powers to commune with Krakoa) expresses misgivings at the sudden arrival of Kitty Pryde and her Marauders, as they’re carrying an unspecified number of mutant refugees from Russia, including Colossus, who is injured after his time rescuing mutants in Russia.

But as Colossus and the others convalesce, the anti-mutant terrorists who kidnapped Domino use a sample of her mutant blood to trick Krakoa and get past security onto the island. As they rampage across Krakoa, the X-Men fight to stop them, with Xavier himself attempting to intervene.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

It’s no use however – Xavier’s attempts at peace end in tragedy when one of the terrorists (who are equipped with powerful psychic shields) shoots him and apparently kills him, also breaking the Cerebro helmet in the process.

In response, Wolverine goes berserk, killing the last of the invaders – leaving no one alive to be questioned over Xavier’s apparent death.

As shocking as that seems, it’s important to remember the Five – the mutants whose powers, when combined, allow them to effectively resurrect any mutant – could theoretically just resurrect the mutant patriarch (if he is indeed dead at this time).

The story continues in November 27’s X-Force #2.

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